Bold Letter L and Other Bold Lines when Using Adobe Photoshop to Create PDFs Viewable in Reader

Recently I've run into a problem with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. I would create documents that looked fine as PSDs, but when I turned them into PDFs, sometimes certain lines randomly appeared bold or, most frequently, the letter l would show up in bold typeface in a word. For example, lion would appear lion. I could not understand why the PDFs were turning out this way.

After searching a lot online and not coming up with any answers, I did find a solution. Originally I had been using the Photohop dialogue to Print... the PDFs and then save the file, not using the Save As...feature. The reason I didn't use the Save As... feature and select PDF was because the file sizes were simply too large. However, the solution was to follow this route, then open up the large file size PDF in Adobe Acrobat, and then Print...and select the PDF maker from this dialogue box rather than the Photoshop one. In this way I was able to get manageable file sizes out of my PDFs without any visual artifacts. Please drop a note in the comments if this solution worked for you or if you have any questions about the technique. Thanks!

P.S. Another option is to delete whichever page(s) are giving you trouble from the compiled PDF and then insert a max quality JPG (with 300 DPI if it will be printed) into the document. Adobe Acrobat will then convert the JPG (but your filesize will increase quite a bit).

Stop Click Bombing From Amazon

Lately in my logs I've seen some Amazon IPs visiting my sites and clickbombing them like mad. The IP addresses are never the same, but they always have an amazonaws referrer.

I'm adding this to my htaccess file and hoping it stops them. Basically it will identify any Amazon AWS referrer and redirect it to the Amazon home page. It seems this will be more effective than reporting abuse to Amazon Web Services.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_HOST} ^(.*)amazonaws.*
RewriteRule ^(.*)|(.+)$1 [R,L]

I will reply to this post to confirm if it works.

UPDATE: That didn't work.

I went with something much more simple:

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

Problem solved!

Laptop Battery Plugged In, Not Charging

The fix is quite easy. Most likely the problem is not with the charger, the motherboard, or the battery, but rather the software that Windows Vista or Windows 7 is using. This software is called the power management software and is easily fixed. To do so do the following:

In order to correct problems with the battery's power management software, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Device Manager

2. Select the Batteries category.

3. Right-click the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing and choose uninstall. Do not remove any of the other battery entries.

4. Scan for Hardware Changes

Windows will then automatically detect that your power management software is missing and install the newest working version.

After completing these steps you should now see the battery being charged in the system tray.

Niban San Diego Sushi Menu

Since the Niban site at Weebly doesn't seem to work very well, here's the menu as it used to appear (prices may have changed in the meantime):

Niban Restaurant


Edamame $2.15
Seaweed salad $3.15
Chicken katsu salad $3.95
Green salad Sm....$1.25 Lg....$3.50
Fried calamari (5 pieces) $4.25
Shrimp tempura (4 pieces) $4.95
Fried shumai (6 pieces) $2.75
Steamed shumai (6 pieces) $2.75
Fried gyoza (6 pieces) $3.25
Steamed gyoza (6 pieces) $3.25
Egg roll $1.00
Croquette $1.25
Miso shiru (soup) $1.25
Steamed rice Sm....$1.25 Lg...$1.45
Seafood (served with rice and salad)

Fried seafood mixed (6 pieces) $6.75
Fried or baked salmon (2 pieces) $6.95
Ginger or teriyaki seafood (6 pieces) $6.95
Fried jumbo shrimp (5 pieces) $7.95
Shrimp tempura (5 pieces) $7.95
Meat . Fowl (served with rice and salad)

Chicken teriyaki, or beef, pork $6.25
Chicken ginger yaki, or beef, pork $6.25
Tonkatsu (pork) $6.25
Chicken Katsu $6.25


A $7.95
Bento B $9.95
C $9.95
Chicken, beef, or pork teriyaki with $6.95
(F. seafood mix, egg roll, or Cal. roll (6pcs)
Ginger Chicken, beef, or pork with $7.50
(F. seafood mix, egg roll, or Cal. roll (6pcs)
Chicken teriyaki & fried shrimp (3 pcs) $7.95
Chicken teriyaki & shrimp tempura (3 pcs)

Noodle (Dine in only)

Stamina Noodle $6.25
Shrimp tempura noodle $6.25
Katsu curry noodle $6.50
(chicken, pork, or shrimp)


Vegetarian teriyaki or ginger yaki $5.95
Vegetarian sukiyaki bowl $5.75
Vegetarian noodle (dine in only) $5.75
Vegetarian roll (5 pieces) $5.25
Bowl (served with miso soup and salad)

Chicken teriyaki bowl $6.25
Katsu don (chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp) $6.25
Oyako don (chicken) $6.25
Beef or chicken sukiyaki $6.25
Curry ( served with salad)

Curry $5.50
Katsu curry (chicken, pork, or shrimp) $6.50

Nigiri (price per piece)

Tuna (maguro) $1.60
Yellow tail (hamachi) $1.60
Eel (unagi) $1.60
Smelt roe (masago) $1.60
Albacore (seared white tuna) $1.50
Salmon (sake) $1.50
Shrimp (ebi) $1.40
Squid (ika) $1.40
Octopus (tako) $1.40
Egg omelet (tamago) $1.30
Crab (kani-kama) $1.30


Mixed sushi (14 pieces) $8.75
(4pc. Cal sp R., 4pc S Tuna R & 6pcs nigiri)
Sushi Combo $10.95
(1pc. Cal sp H, 1 pc. S Tuna R & 6pcs nigiri)
Sashimi plate

Tuna (5 pieces) $6.95
Yellow tail ( 5 pieces) $6.95
Albacore (5 pieces) $6.25
Salmon (5 pieces) $6.25
Octopus (7 pieces) $6.25
Sashimi mixed $11.75
(15 pieces or 12 pieces all fish)
Roll sushi

6 pcs......$2.75 18 pcs........$6.95
California maki
Tekka maki (tuna)
Kappa maki (cucumber)
Mixed maki (18 pieces)
(Cal., Tekka, and Kappa maki)
Hand roll ( $3.50 each)

California special
Spicy tuna
Spicy albacore
Spicy yellow tail
Spicy salmon
Spicy scallop
Spicy octopus
Shrimp tempura
Fried shrimp
Special roll

Garden roll (8 pieces) $3.25
California special (8 pieces) $3.95
Eel roll (8 pieces) $4.25
Salmon skin roll (8 pieces) $4.25
Philadelphia roll ( 8 pieces) $4.25
Duo roll ( 4pc. cal s and 4pc.s tuna roll) $4.25
Spicy albacore roll (8 pieces) $4.25
Spicy tuna roll (8 pieces) $4.50
yellow tail special roll (8 pieces) $4.50
Vegetable roll (8 pieces) $5.25
T.J. roll (8 pieces) $5.25
Spicy grilled california (6 pieces) $3.50
Spicy grilled yellow tail (6 pieces) $5.95
Spicy grilled salmon (6 pieces) $5.95
Fried shrimp roll (5 pieces) $5.95
Soft shell crab roll (5 pieces) $5.95
Shrimp tempura roll (8 pieces) $6.25
Crunchy roll (8 pieces) $6.25
Dynamite roll (grilled) $6.25
Lion king roll (10 pieces) $6.95
Rainbow roll (8 pieces) $7.95
Caterpillar roll (8pieces) $7.95
Baja roll (8 pieces) $7.95
Hawaiian roll (8 pieces) $7.95
Albacore supreme (8 pieces) $7.95
Alaskan roll (8 pieces) $8.25
Fried calamari roll (8 pieces) $8.25
Dragon roll (8 pieces) $8.25
Chef special jumbo roll (5 pieces) $6.25

GoDaddy Database Password Wordpress

A lot of times I'll see people having trouble logging in to their GoDaddy database and getting an incorrect password. Especially when they're trying to access phpmyadmin through the hosting equivalent of the control panel, using the Starfield page. It has happened to me numerous times.

The problem is that the wrong language is selected. Rather than using the default option of English iso, use English UTF 8. You should then be able to log in without a problem.

GIF looks Blurry in Firefox, but Normal In Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome

Not sure why I was getting a blurry transparent GIF in Firefox, since I wasn't attempting to resize it, but for some reason my image was quite blurred. It looked fine in Internet Explorer (that's a switch - usually it's the reverse and Firefox is the browser displaying as I intended! :). Safari and Chrome were fine too. To solve the issue, one can add:

style="image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;"

Voila! Problem solved.

64 bit Python Installers including lxml.html

For when setup tools says Python Version 2.7 required which was not found in the registry

Wordpress CSV database files

Instead of using " as a delimiter, use $ or some other rarely used character. This will preserve your quote marks without causing a field number error when you try to import it back.

Remove Category and or Tag from URL in Wordpress 3

After spending some time mucking about with Wordpress, I've finally been able to remove those troublesome /category/ and /tag/ folders from my urls.

To do so, first add the following to .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^category/(.+)$$1 [R=301,L]

Make sure to put this before the www/no-www redirect section -- this is what tripped me up before.

Now, your urls will be of the type instead of

You may notice however, that the category links under the posts still show the /category/ tag. For this, we go to the permalinks section and change the permalink structure to



change the category base to


Save it like that and you should be in business -- the url links under posts will no longer have /category/ or /tag/ appended to them (for the purposes of removing /tag/, just follow the above instructions while making the substitution for /category/.

Wordpress Pagination Next Page Sidebar Problem At Bottom of Page

I recently started a Wordpress blog with some lengthy posts, so I wanted to use Wordpress's built in pagination feature to make it more readable. Basically, all you have to do is put in nextpage with some code before and after it < !- -nextpage - - > (without spaces) and it will create a page break at that point (make sure you're using the html not the visual editor for this).

I wanted to use this along with the wp-pagination plugin, but when I activated it, I found that the sidebar had been moved to the bottom of the page. Oddly, it appeared that way only for some of the pages and not all of them. After looking through the wp-pagination help files and not finding anything, I decided to deactivate the Wordpress plugin. But the problem remained!

I looked at the page code and figured an extra div would explain the problem. I edited the various loop files, but to no avail.

Eventually I realized that Wordpress itself had added a div tag at the top of my post, which was copied from Microsoft Word. I haven't any idea why Wordpress did that.

As you may have guessed, deleting the stray div tag solved the problem and the sidebar returned to it's normal place -- on the side, and not on the bottom of the page. Hope this helps you all out as I looked and looked for a solution online.

Copy DVD or CD to Iso (not NRG) with Nero 8

- Open Nero Burning Rom

- Select 'Extras' from Menu Bar

- Under 'Extras', select 'Save tracks..."

- Select Disk Drive from Pop Up Menu

- Wait for Nero to access disk

- Change output file format from .nrg to .iso

- Select output path

- Press 'GO'

Centsports is Real, Not a Scam, Not Fake

If you're looking to have some fun online and make a few bucks, look no further than Centsports. I'm not getting paid to promote them or anything like that, I just wanted to give them credit for running an honest business. It is tough to gamble on sports online these days; the government has cracked down and a lot of places are stiffing U.S. customers. In my opinion it's really not safe to gamble anymore online as an American citizen (Europe and the rest of the civilized world has no such problem).

Anyway, the way Centsports works is that they start you with ten cents which you can bet with. That money, and your eventual payout, is all funded by advertising. So in effect, you're never gambling with your own dough. You can not deposit your own money. That's why it's legal, and also why it's safe. Once you check them out you will be happy. Oh, and for a while they were letting you cash out to Haiti to help with the relief effort there. Great job Vince.

Here's proof of my winnings -- one of two checks I've received thus far from Centsports.

IF you do want to give me some love, sign up with this link and I'll get a small percentage of your bets.

Good luck with your bets!


Giant Huge Windows Folder Can Be Cleaned Up

I've noticed as I've run Vista I'm getting less and less free disk space, even though I'm not installing new programs. Tracing the source of the growing problem, I found my Windows Folder was 30 Gb! Huge, giant, and ridiculous. It turns out that about half of that, 15 Gb, was the winsxs folder. While it's true that this folder shouldn't be messed with by people who don't know what they're doing, Windows does include a clean up tool with Vista SP2. They hide it, why I don't know. Do a search for compcln.exe or run it from the System32 folder. It will clean up your Windows folder (I recoved about four gigs at least) by deleting duplicate files and making your SP2 install permanent (e.g. you can't revert to SP1, but why would you want to?). Small price to pay to avoid having to reimage, in my opinion.

Photoshop Crash With Open

Lately, my Photoshop application has been crashing every time I open it. I tried reinstalling and repairing it, but to no avail. As it turns out, the problem is with the TWAIN menu. If you watch the popup box as Photoshop open, it will say something like "Building TWAIN menu..." shortly before crashing. To fix the problem, simply add a tilde (~) to the TWAIN plugin. For CS3 on Vista, this is located at C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Plug-Ins/Import-Export/Twain_32. If you're having trouble finding it, just do a search within the Adobe Photoshop folder for Twain.

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