Ben Howland Plays Great Defense

Me and the Missus had a fun day together yesterday, mostly planting our rears in front of the TV to watch the basketball. She's a huge Hoosier fan, which was probably an unforeseen side effect of having gotten a couple of degrees from Indiana University. So anyhow, we're watching UCLA-IU and this game is painful, so painful in fact that my lazy ass is willing to go the extra mile and bust out the html tags for emphasis. That's painful! Indiana had 13 points at half. Not good.

Anyhow, they battled all the way back to tie it, and me and my girl were whoopin and hollerin, completely freaking out poor Snigs. Then came a possession where IU had to inbound the ball, and I swear Howland (the UCLA coach) was blocking the inbounder! He moved all the way down the sideline to where the inbounder was and stood right next to him! The inbounds pass careened off a UCLA player and went out of bounds, so he got another chance. And Howland did it again, stood right next to the guy, yelling and gesturing with his arms so that this time, when the player inbounded, the ball wound up in UCLA's hands. Ballgame.

I remember the flood of profanity that erupted from J's mouth last year, after Adam "Mr. Cool Lice" Morrison and Gonzaga beat them. That particular torrent of curse words was especially remarkable because she was doing it in front of her father. But that wasn't even close to this eruption. This ia girl who never swears, but I learned some new words last night. I just hope my Hoos come through for me in a couple of hours. The Sweet Sixteen, that's not too much to ask, is it?