Bold Letter L and Other Bold Lines when Using Adobe Photoshop to Create PDFs Viewable in Reader

Recently I've run into a problem with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. I would create documents that looked fine as PSDs, but when I turned them into PDFs, sometimes certain lines randomly appeared bold or, most frequently, the letter l would show up in bold typeface in a word. For example, lion would appear lion. I could not understand why the PDFs were turning out this way.

After searching a lot online and not coming up with any answers, I did find a solution. Originally I had been using the Photohop dialogue to Print... the PDFs and then save the file, not using the Save As...feature. The reason I didn't use the Save As... feature and select PDF was because the file sizes were simply too large. However, the solution was to follow this route, then open up the large file size PDF in Adobe Acrobat, and then Print...and select the PDF maker from this dialogue box rather than the Photoshop one. In this way I was able to get manageable file sizes out of my PDFs without any visual artifacts. Please drop a note in the comments if this solution worked for you or if you have any questions about the technique. Thanks!

P.S. Another option is to delete whichever page(s) are giving you trouble from the compiled PDF and then insert a max quality JPG (with 300 DPI if it will be printed) into the document. Adobe Acrobat will then convert the JPG (but your filesize will increase quite a bit).