Centsports is Real, Not a Scam, Not Fake

If you're looking to have some fun online and make a few bucks, look no further than Centsports. I'm not getting paid to promote them or anything like that, I just wanted to give them credit for running an honest business. It is tough to gamble on sports online these days; the government has cracked down and a lot of places are stiffing U.S. customers. In my opinion it's really not safe to gamble anymore online as an American citizen (Europe and the rest of the civilized world has no such problem).

Anyway, the way Centsports works is that they start you with ten cents which you can bet with. That money, and your eventual payout, is all funded by advertising. So in effect, you're never gambling with your own dough. You can not deposit your own money. That's why it's legal, and also why it's safe. Once you check them out you will be happy. Oh, and for a while they were letting you cash out to Haiti to help with the relief effort there. Great job Vince.

Here's proof of my winnings -- one of two checks I've received thus far from Centsports.

IF you do want to give me some love, sign up with this link and I'll get a small percentage of your bets. http://www.centsports.com/?opcode=538425

Good luck with your bets!