Dell 70 Watt Warning

Before I decided to return this product I figured I would Google for "70 watt warning" which is the warning the Dell laptop gave us when we plugged in the cable. It turns out that there is a fairly easy fix for this, posted here: 70 Watt Warning

So, I took a twistie-tie, stripped it to get just the narrow wire, cut it to about 1/2", and connected the upper prong to the empty bottom right hole. Now the laptop's three contacts all receive current. The battery is taking a lot longer to charge, but it is charging and the laptop will function fine as long as it's plugged in (the battery holds almost no charge and hasn't for years). So, now we have two working power cables and a working laptop. The last step now that I've tested the theory will be to make a small groove in the plug and glue the wire in place.