Download Infocom Games For Free, and Play Other Works Of Interactive Fiction

Well, I wasted yet another day going down memory lane. This time I was playing the Infocom classic Starcross, one of the most difficult interactive fiction titles ever released. What a great game, some of the toughest (but still logical) puzzles you'll ever come across. I only needed to use the invisiclues a few times -- lame I know -- but after looking up the answers I realized I never would have gotten the right answer.

You can check out the catalog of infocom games here:

To play them you'll need a z machine interpreter, like gargoyle, available here:

If you get stuck you'll need Invisiclues, from here:

And lastly, if you're curious about the packaging of the game, check this site:

Thanks to all the webmasters above who have made this trip down memory lane possible!