Ecofriendly Dishwasher

While we're on the subject of kitchen appliances, I've invented a great dishwasher that's good for the environment. Her name is Zoe, and she's presumably a combination of greyhound, black lab, and wild snigs. She's very thorough in cleaning the dishes, pots, and pans and never scratches the non-stick surfaces. Zoe uses very little water to wash --important since we're in a drought here in California, no soap --the natural enzymes in her saliva are enough, along with her ultra-power, multi-way rotating tongue, and is a lot more quiet than the machine we used to use. She seems to enjoy it a lot too, which helps with our training regimen. Yeah, yeah, I give everything a rinse in the sink before I used it again. Dog mouths are more clean than human ones though. Here's to dog-ecopower. Now I just need some land so I could use her sniglets for something useful.