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C says:
thumbs up:
charles shaw merlot - oakey
beringer merlot - yummy and woodsey

thumbs down:
charles shaw shiraz - tastes like grape juice
barefoot zinfandel - tastes like pesticide

A says:
thumbs up:
Crane Lake Malbec 2005

F says:
two thumbs way up
LoriƱon from 1999

Crane Lake Malbec (2005)

Mmm, another $3 wine from Henry's, this one being the Crane Lake Malbec. I think I had this last week, but the bottle didn't last long enough for it to make an indelible mark on my memory. In any event, I had it again last night (and the last glass just a few moments ago) and I'd have to say it's my favorite cheap wine thus far. By a long shot. It's to say? Robust? I suppose it would be fair to say I like my meals light and my beverages heavy (Guinness, Newcastle, etc.) and this wine certainly seems to carry a weight to it. I will be picking up some more of this one on my next trip to Henry's.

Tisdale Merlot (2005)

Perhaps you've heard of two buck chuck? It's very popular at Trader Joe's, or at least it was. Cheap wine doesn't have to be light on taste. At one of my favorite stores here in San Diego, Henry's, they offer a variety of tasty wines for only $3. Sure, there can be some foul wines mixed in there, but overall I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm going to start recording my thoughts so that I remember which I like and which I do not care for (always a risk after consumption ;-). Ah, and since I prefer red wine, these reviews will be limited to those. Since no one is reading this, I don't feel too badly about excluding white wine drinkers...

So, to start off, The Tisdale 2005 Merlot. This was not one of my finer selections. I felt the flavors were average at best, and while it had a clean taste and was relatively light, I do not believe I will purchase it again. Drinking a glass now, it strikes me as rather flat. Perhaps my tastes run more toward the Malbecs rather than the Merlots? I have a bottle of Malbec which I will review next time.

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