Frustration with Cable4Less

So, in my last post, I detailed the frustrations of dealing with Dell and their crappy power cables for Jen's computer. Trying to avoid using Dell, we went online and found a retailer from Amazon, Cable4Less, that sold what was supposedly the same power cable for a fraction of the price. Happy at not needing to use Dell, we went ahead and bought the cable. There was a surprising lack of information about them online, but feedback appeared positive and Amazon has a refund policy with their affiliates.

The cable came on Friday, and it turns out it's not compatible with the Dell Inspiron 5100, even though on the website it said it would work. It's only a 70W power supply and the Inspiron, even though it's a relatively old laptop, needs more juice. So now we've got two useless power cables and a useless laptop. Our next step will be to contact Cable4Less and try to get a working cable. Argh.