Frustration With Dell

This will be a two part rant, so if you want to skip this post and the next one, be warned. Hopefully this will help someone in the world wide web since I didn't have much luck finding information, especially with regard to my next post (concerning Cables4Less from the Amazon Storefront).

My girlfriend has a Dell Inspiron 5100. The computer itself has been fairly reliable, but it came with a cheap flimsy power cord that needed to be replaced after only about a year and a half. The way I learned it needed repair was by plugging it into the back of her computer and subsequently being shocked (literally, although the effect of the spark also resulted in the figurative meaning). So, I figured I would help her out and buy a new one, and thus found myself at the Dell website. Surprisingly, this power cable cost me about $90 with taxes and shipping. Grumbling, I went ahead and ordered the cable.

Well, now, a year later, history repeats itself. The cable is broken, and the laptop is useless without the cable because it can't charge. Upset, I posted a review of the cable on the Dell website. I refrained from profanity, but did mention I would never buy another product from them again. I think under the "pros" section I said that their power cables would be good on a camping trip, because they start fires so easily. Not surprisingly, my review never appeared, but enough reviews have shown up to show that many, many people suffer the same problem with those power cords. So, if you're thinking of buying a laptop from Dell, add another couple of hundred dollars to the bill for the price of power cables.

Don't Buy a Dell