Giant Huge Windows Folder Can Be Cleaned Up

I've noticed as I've run Vista I'm getting less and less free disk space, even though I'm not installing new programs. Tracing the source of the growing problem, I found my Windows Folder was 30 Gb! Huge, giant, and ridiculous. It turns out that about half of that, 15 Gb, was the winsxs folder. While it's true that this folder shouldn't be messed with by people who don't know what they're doing, Windows does include a clean up tool with Vista SP2. They hide it, why I don't know. Do a search for compcln.exe or run it from the System32 folder. It will clean up your Windows folder (I recoved about four gigs at least) by deleting duplicate files and making your SP2 install permanent (e.g. you can't revert to SP1, but why would you want to?). Small price to pay to avoid having to reimage, in my opinion.