Install Mac OS 10.3 with no or broken CD/DVD drive using FireWire

To do this, you will need a Mac with a working drive.

1. Use Carbon Copy Cloner (free, donation supported software) and clone Install Disk 1 to FireWire drive. Make sure to format the FireWire drive as an Apple Partition Map using Disk Utility first, and select the 'delete all not on original disk' option in CCC to make sure the drive is an exact, bootable copy.

2. Insert Install Disk 2 into drive and open the Packages folder. There will be ~30 packages. Copy these from their location to the System/Installation/Packages folder on your FireWire drive (created from Install Disk 1). Select the overwrite option. Ignore the InstallCD2.mpkg file at the top level of Install Disk 2 as it is unnecessary.

3. Repeat Step 2 with Install Disk 3.

4. Open OSInstallCache.plist , found in System/Installation/Packages folder, using a text editor.

5. Find and delete every instance of the following:

< key>IFPkgFlagProxyPackageLocation
disc://Mac OS X Install Disc X/Packages/ABC.pkg< /string>

Where X is disk 2 or 3 and ABC is the name of the package. Delete everything between < key> and < /string> including those two tags (ignore spaces after <). There will be thirty-one instances.

6. Save OSInstallCache.plist

7. The FireWire drive now has all the needed modifications. Go to the machine you wish to install 10.3 on, connect the FireWire drive, power it on and boot the computer holding down the option key. After a time you will be given the option to select the FireWire drive as the boot disk. Choose it and proceed with the installation.