Kenneth Starr Please Just Go Away

From the Times, an interesting story about the whole "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" debacle (yes, has already been registered...). It's actually an interesting question about where a student's free speech rights end and a school's right to censor begins. Obviously, once a school begins to moderate what students can say about politics and religion, things begin to get a bit murky. On the other side, if it's my school I'll run it the way I see fit, and if people don't like it, well then they can go to another school. This is why we have judges. No, the issue I have is that Kenneth Starr is front and center in this story (as well as front and center in the photo, dressed like a G-man), and I wish he would just go away. Regardless of how you feel about Clinton, Starr was nothing more than a Republican mercenary who was appointed to investigate Whitewater and, after failing to dig up anything significant, then pursued the Monica Lewinsky affair in what amounted to a smear campaign. For me to bring up issues of the Republican leaders' own infidelities during this time would only lead to partisanship arguments, and since I don't align with either party I'll leave it at that. I do feel as though a large part of bipartisan cooperation died with Starr, and we are left with bickering ignoramuses in Washington who do little to help the common people but serve their own interests quite adeptly. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Ken Starr Please Go Away