Letter of Condolences

Here's a sad letter I had to write the other day:

I wanted to offer my deepest sympathies for your loss. Honestly, I've been putting this letter off because I always feel like any words uttered after a death are just so hopelessly inadequate. I do hope you know, regardless of the miles between us and the time that passes between our emails, that I love you as the dear family you are, and will always be there for you. I am so sorry to know that you are hurting, and I can only imagine the pain of losing a parent; it is something I thought of when I first learned of xxx's diagnosis. Your burden must only have been magnified by having to be strong for your children and the rest of the xxx family. I imagine that now things are slowly returning to normal in the sense that you do not need to host and coordinate with all of xxx's friends and family, but no doubt you still grieve. I am glad xxx will be coming up tomorrow and hopefully she can help ease some of the burden. I only wish that I could do the same. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I send my dearest love to all four of you.

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