Microsoft Time Synch Ignoring Daylight Savings?

Well, I thought I had made it through the transition to daylight savings OK, only to find I did get bitten by a bug. A bug from Microsoft, no less (surprise, surprise). Now I'm not one to complain about Microsoft too much, as I use a few of their products...actually only XP and a mouse, I believe...anyhow, I have my date and time to autosync once a week with once a week. Now, today is Thursday and the switch to DST occurred early Sunday morning. When my computer just autosync'd, I lost an hour...five days later and Microsoft still hasn't updated their time server? I wonder if this has messed anyone else up. (And yes, I have the adjust for Daylight Savings box checked on my Date and Time user interface). Surely this must have happened to someone else as well?