On a More Serious Note

How messed up is health care in America? Pretty damned messed up, I'd say. Check out this story about an inner city kid who died from a toothache that developed into a brain abscess. Now, universal healthcare, socialized medicine and all that is a sticky situation. There's no guarantee that this child would have been saved in another country with universal coverage where it can take months to get an appointment. But presumably, somewhere along the line, some DDS, MD, DO etc...someone would have realized that this kid was in trouble. By the time they did, it was too late.

More irony: this ended up costing about $250,000 all of which could have been better spent on preventative medicine. And as an added bonus, the kid would still be alive. I do believe investing in preventative medicine is a sound investment and would actually help us get out of the current morass our health care system finds itself in.

Read the article about the toothache here.