Beer Tossing Fridge

From the "Americans aren't fat enough" department comes news of a beer tossing fridge that can hit you on the sofa from 20 feet away. What, you're worried about wearing your beer when you open up the can? Wimp. Catch it gently, like a newborn babe, and it shouldn't be a problem says the inventor. Of course, it should be noted that catching the first beer is much easier than catching the fifth beer. If you're drunk enough, the tenth beer might hit you clean on the skull. Then you would be covered in beer and probably some blood too. Are you happy now, fridge? Until the fridge comes with a smart-chip targeting system I will continue to use my dog to fetch beers. Pluses: She's gentle enough with the cans that I don't have to worry about too much head. Negatives: Unlike the fridge, she poops. Hmmm.

Beer Tossing Fridge

Preparing for Another Website Release

Well, things are moving now, I've got a plan together to open up another website next Monday. I'm hoping this will be a big hit with people, hopefully it gives them another outlet in this tough job market. I have made a plan with all the things I need to do between now and Monday, hopefully I'll have enough time to get it all done by then. My girlfriend is going out of town from Thursday to Sunday, so that should definitely help with the productivity. I've split up the work into segments and now all that's left is to buckle down and do it. I'll keep you posted on how things go, wish me luck!

Everyone Loves Canada

Don't try to deny it. I love Canada, you love Canada. We all love Canada. From the department of news that surprises hardly anyone, a recent poll suggests that from a global perspective, the world has mostly positive impressions of Canada. You can probably guess what they think of the United States. Japan came in second, France third. Wait, what? France third? That's what it says. Personally, I like France (food + wine = good), but I thought I was one of the few. Go figure.

O Canada!

In other news, Texans really like other Texans

Snow Patrol

This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to see Snow Patrol in concert. It was outstanding! She had gotten the tickets for us as a Christmas present -- I joked with her about what a convenient present it was since she would get to come with me. She's a good sport about my teasing her. Anyhow, we went to the San Diego State Open Air Theater and what a venue it was! I hadn't been there before, but it was great. I definitely look forward to seeing other concerts there. We got there early after a nice dinner of sashimi and enjoyed the opening bands. First up were Silversun Pickups, who I didn't know about until earlier in the day when I listened to some tracks on their website. I liked them a lot; the singer's voice actually reminded me of Billy Corrigan's. The second band was OK Go! who you might remember from the oft-played treadmill video that got heavy rotation on MTV. Surprisingly, they do have other songs. I didn't like their songs as much as Silversun Pickups, but they did amazing visuals on stage. It's obvious they have a lot of creativity. Then it was time for Snow Patrol. They rocked, no other way to put it. The lead singer was hilarious too, he alternately mocked and encouraged people in the crowd, even inviting some random woman on stage to sing with him. All in all, it was a great night.

Go Daddy and Drupal

One of the the first things I did before knowing much about websites was sign up for a hosting account. I did it with GoDaddy, one of the biggest providers. Now that I know a bit more, I'm not sure if that was a mistake or not. I know they are very inexpensive, and I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a major consideration of mine. I have had some difficulty getting GoDaddy and Drupal to play nicely together, but so far so good. The steps are basically as follows:

1. Register domain
2. Set up domain hosting
3. Download Drupal files
4. Place Drupal files in root directory
5. Set up mySQL database
6. Navigate to homepage
7. Enter name of host and sql database along with applicable passwords
8. Run Drupal for the first time.

There will be more details in the coming posts, but if anyone has questions, feel free to ask in the comment sections!

Working on a Website With a Friend

One of my current projects is working on a completely free website to help people learn Spanish. I'm doing it with my friend Chris, even though he is in Kentucky and I am here in California. It's pretty cool being able to communicate long distance through the internet and work on a project together. He's been writing a lot (actually all of the content save for one short page on the importance of a dictionary) and I have been working under the hood, so to speak, setting up RSS, formating the UI, installing modules etc. I think it's a great idea for anyone just starting out to collaborate with a friend, preferably one with a different (but overlapping) tool set. Together we can not only build a website in terms of content but also get our hands dirty working on the nuts and bolts of it. We're learning skills that I'm sure over time will become even more valuable in a world that is ever more dependent on the internet. If you want to, you can check out the website at It's just in it's infancy right now (we only started it three days ago). We'll be adding new content every day and open up a forum where people can talk to each other and discuss what they've learned. I'm also planning on adding sound capability so you can hear Chris pronounce the words. I'm obviously very excited about the potential of this site!

Learn to Code

If you're interested in learning to code, whether it be just a simple static html webpage, a mysql database, php, or pretty much any language you can think of, there are tons of readily available resources on the net, all of them free. Isn't the internet great? One of my favorite sites is published by the world wide web consortium. They offer tutorials in all of these languages and many more, and the html tutorial even has a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor so that you can see the result of your typed in html in the window next to it. Really quite cool!


What's the highest BMI you've heard of?

How about 137? This woman, Renee Williams, had a BMI of 137. 137! I suppose it's no surprise she had a post-surgical heart attack and died. When someone lets themself get to 800+ lbs, there's not a lot anyone can do for them, surgeons or otherwise. I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about people like her, I think it was called something like "I am eating myself to death". Anyhow, the thing that struck me was that none of these people went out of their homes (obviously, they wouldn't fit through the door) and thus relied on other people to bring them their food. Stop! Easy solution. Family members, friends, delivery people, stop feeding these people. Especially in the case of the family members. They would complain about the weight of their son/daughter/brother/sister but continue serving up great heaping piles of calories. None of them seemed familiar with the term enabler.

RIP Renee Williams

Scooter Libby found guilty on 4 of 5 counts

Just announced:

Found guilty of obstruction of justice, making false statements, and perjury. Ouch. Sentencing to be announced June 15th.

More details at

Max sentences of 25 years in prison and variously being reported 1 to 1.5 million in fines. According to most pundits, it's unlikely that Libby will see anything close to those numbers.

One must question (in hindsight now) the decisions to not have Libby or Vice President Cheney take the stand in the defense's case. I can't say I'm broken up about this though...

How Astronauts Talk Dirty

So, apparently, when NASA astronauts want to talk dirty to each other, they come up with such titillating lines as: "First urge will be to rip your clothes off" and "But honestly, love, I want you to totally and thoroughly enjoy your hero's homecoming." I guess I was expecting more from the article, considering the headline on CNN was "Sexy e-mails shed light on astronaut's bizarre behavior". Maybe I was expecting too much, but dammit people these are astronauts. They're supposed to be good at everything, right? Remember Apollo 13? They were stranded in outer space, destined to run out of oxygen. Then Tom Hanks' character pulled some MacGyver-type action with duct tape, chewing gum, and the urine of his frightened co-pilot who did nothing but pee himself out of fear. Houston, problem solved.

So, needless to say, after reading these emails I am very disappointed in our space program -- no creativity here.

Astronaut Dirty Talk

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Andrew Giuliani will never play Giuliani's son as well as Chris Farley

CNN reports Andrew Giuliani will not be campaigning with his father, Rudy Giuliani, in his quest to become president. Anyone from New York (and probably many others) remember when Giuliani was sworn in as mayor and his son Andrew was completely out of control, in a hilarious sort of way. But what was even more funny was Chris Farley playing Andrew on Saturday Night Live, and Kevin Nealon as Giuliani.

According to this article, Andrew has apparently gone to Duke University to learn how to become a professional golfer. Uhh...What?

You Say D'Amato, I Say D'Amato

Interesting article about Alfonse D'Amato, the former Republican senator from New York, and his recent hiring as a lobbyist for the Poker Players Alliance. Apparently the PPA is hopeful D'Amato can raise enough support in Washington to overturn the recent ban on online gambling. That bill was only passed because in the dead of night senator Frist tacked it on to the Port Securities Act, and just before the recess for mid-term elections. Of course no senator , whether running for reelection or not, would make standing up to Big Brother a higher priority than the safety of our nation's harbors. It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of this, but I'm going to bet...nothing. Fold.

D'Amato Holding Aces?

Kanye West really, really likes Indian Food. A lot.

Kanye West says President Bush doesn't care about black people.

Well, apparently Kanye West loves Indian food.

What do the two statements have to do with each other? Not much, I just thought perhaps instead of spending $3,900 on getting his Indian food delivered (granted, it is for a party of eight people so that's only about $500 per person), he might, you know, spend that money on people who could use a helping hand, like the African-Americans he was referring to when calling Bush out for Katrina relief.

Here's another one of my favorite Kanye West quotes (from Wikipedia):

In January 2006, West again sparked controversy when he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in the image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. Later that month, he suggested in Playboy that if a bible were written in the present day, he is famous and important enough to be included in it. "I throw up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them." West claimed, "[I'm] definitely in the history books already."

This dude is talented -- he can throw up historical subjects. I'd like to see him vomit up Benjamin Franklin. I'd pay $3,900 to see that!

Kanye West Getting His Tandoori On.

The Geico Cavemen

Apparently the Geico Cavemen are going to be starring in their own TV series. Does anyone else think perhaps (no, definitely) this is a horrible idea? I mean I love the Cavemen more than anyone I know (just ask my girlfriend) but I don't know if it work for a half hour. Maybe if it were a show on HBO, and they could curse, shoot each other, and throw in a bit of nudity it might be a hit. But then again, who wants to see naked cavemen? Ugh.

Geico Cavemen

p.s. Extra points for the reference to Bob, the talking baby. I think I speak for everyone when I say WTF?!?

MIT online classes

(unless the server crashes)

Here's some pretty cool news. MIT has unveiled plans to make their entire curriculum online by the end of the year. Over 1800 courses (so far they're a bit over 1500).

Per the article from the CSM via CBS, "The MIT site, along with companion sites that translate the material into other languages, now average about 1.4 million visits per month from learners "in every single country on the planet," Ms. Margulies says. Those include Iraq, Darfur, "even Antarctica," she says. "We hear from [the online students] all the time with inspirational stories about how they are using these materials to change their lives. They're really, really motivated."

MIT Education Online.

News Article.

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