Phil Collins' Friend Didn't Drown

For the last time, Phil Collins' friend didn't drown. Yeesh. I don't even think kids today know who Phil Collins is, but the rumor persists to this very day. If you've ever heard the song, "In The Air Tonight", you probably remember it has a rather haunting melody with ominous lyrics -- such as "if you told me you were drowning, I wouldn't lend a hand".

The rumor (at least the one I always hear) is that as a kid, Phil was a witness to the drowning of his friend. Although Phil wasn't close enough, there was a man in a position to help his drowning friend -- but he didn't attempt a rescue. The story goes that years later, when Phil debuted the song, he gave a front row concert ticket to the guy and had the spotlight trained on him while he sang. The man quickly realized what Phil was singing about, went home, and hung himself out of guilt.

It is actually a good story, I have to say...just a little far-fetched. You can read the real story behind the song at Snopes

As an aside, it's probably a good idea to check Snopes before forwarding one of those chain letters that seem to be all the rage these days. Especially if it's political. Actually, even if it is true...most people probably don't want to read it.