Play VOB Files in PowerPoint aka Convert VOB to AVI without extra software

Got a batch of VOB files you want to play in PowerPoint? Convert them to a format Power Point can use by doing the following.

1. Open up Windows Movie Maker (included software on XP / Vista machines)

2. Select "Videos" under Import (on left column in Vista)

3. Navigate to folder with your VOB files and change file type to "all" in selection window.

4. Select your VOB file.

5. Drag to storyboard

6. Select "Publish Movie" under File menu

7. Follow the prompts and select "publish movie to this computer", choose name and location for file output, and select "best quality for playback on my computer".

8. After selecting Publish, your computer will process the video

9. You will now have an AVI file

10. Go to PowerPoint, select insert movie and select your AVI movie

If this does not work, an alternative is to download VirtualDub-MPEG2 from:

and use this program to convert VOB to AVI