Recycling Is Good For You

My girlfriend and I have lived in our place for almost a year, and one of the things we missed from our old neighborhood was the ease of recycling. In our old place, we had a nice big trash can exclusively for recycling thanks to the landlord. Anyhow, for the past twelve months, I've tried all manner of finding homes for our recyclables, from asking our neighbor if we could use his bin (he agreed), to dropping it off at the park recycling containers nearby, and even driving to a recycling dump myself...all of these solutions, to put it frankly, were a giant pain in the neck (or other anatomical region of your choice).

As it turns out, the City of San Diego allows you to pick up a large recycling container for absolutely free (and no associated charge with pickup, beyond our local taxes of course). I can't believe the city offers this service at no cost. Truthfully, we expected to be out of luck since we rent instead of own our place (and therefore have nothing to do with the trash services). When we found out we could get recycling service, we were of course willing to pay something, but it turns out it's absolutely free. How cool is that? Now I'm sure most people live in cities where there's a charge for this, but it's worth at least looking into the options, even if you rent. Thanks for reading this PSA ;-)