running to the airport

So, as I mentioned in the prior post, I had interrupted J's packing list in an effort to get her out the door. Well, shortly after we parked the now gasless Volvo, she realized she had forgotten her cell phone. So now we're stuck on the side of the road, an hour to takeoff for her flight, and no phone. No gas stations nearby, we decided to hoof it. I don't know what's more remarkable, the fact that we made it to the airport within time for J to make her flight, or the fact that she didn't get completely infuriated with her absent-minded boyfriend. Is she not the greatest girl in the world? I can't think of any former girlfriend or friend's girlfriend who wouldn't have gone Chuck Norris on me (and deservedly so). As it turned out, I hiked about 5 miles yesterday (two miles to the airport and three miles back), and other than the back pain from carrying her bags, it was actually kind of fun. I should go for walks more often.