What's the highest BMI you've heard of?

How about 137? This woman, Renee Williams, had a BMI of 137. 137! I suppose it's no surprise she had a post-surgical heart attack and died. When someone lets themself get to 800+ lbs, there's not a lot anyone can do for them, surgeons or otherwise. I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about people like her, I think it was called something like "I am eating myself to death". Anyhow, the thing that struck me was that none of these people went out of their homes (obviously, they wouldn't fit through the door) and thus relied on other people to bring them their food. Stop! Easy solution. Family members, friends, delivery people, stop feeding these people. Especially in the case of the family members. They would complain about the weight of their son/daughter/brother/sister but continue serving up great heaping piles of calories. None of them seemed familiar with the term enabler.

RIP Renee Williams