Wordpress Pagination Next Page Sidebar Problem At Bottom of Page

I recently started a Wordpress blog with some lengthy posts, so I wanted to use Wordpress's built in pagination feature to make it more readable. Basically, all you have to do is put in nextpage with some code before and after it < !- -nextpage - - > (without spaces) and it will create a page break at that point (make sure you're using the html not the visual editor for this).

I wanted to use this along with the wp-pagination plugin, but when I activated it, I found that the sidebar had been moved to the bottom of the page. Oddly, it appeared that way only for some of the pages and not all of them. After looking through the wp-pagination help files and not finding anything, I decided to deactivate the Wordpress plugin. But the problem remained!

I looked at the page code and figured an extra div would explain the problem. I edited the various loop files, but to no avail.

Eventually I realized that Wordpress itself had added a div tag at the top of my post, which was copied from Microsoft Word. I haven't any idea why Wordpress did that.

As you may have guessed, deleting the stray div tag solved the problem and the sidebar returned to it's normal place -- on the side, and not on the bottom of the page. Hope this helps you all out as I looked and looked for a solution online.