Working on a Website With a Friend

One of my current projects is working on a completely free website to help people learn Spanish. I'm doing it with my friend Chris, even though he is in Kentucky and I am here in California. It's pretty cool being able to communicate long distance through the internet and work on a project together. He's been writing a lot (actually all of the content save for one short page on the importance of a dictionary) and I have been working under the hood, so to speak, setting up RSS, formating the UI, installing modules etc. I think it's a great idea for anyone just starting out to collaborate with a friend, preferably one with a different (but overlapping) tool set. Together we can not only build a website in terms of content but also get our hands dirty working on the nuts and bolts of it. We're learning skills that I'm sure over time will become even more valuable in a world that is ever more dependent on the internet. If you want to, you can check out the website at It's just in it's infancy right now (we only started it three days ago). We'll be adding new content every day and open up a forum where people can talk to each other and discuss what they've learned. I'm also planning on adding sound capability so you can hear Chris pronounce the words. I'm obviously very excited about the potential of this site!